Life IS Good

Last Monday I began my latest and last job.  I was burning out in the consulting world, not enjoying work.  I loved my co-workers and they kept me there about a year longer than I intended.  Luckily, the new position came available and I wanted it.  I got it.

I spent the past week wading into the deep end of the pool at the new company.  New people, new staff, new computer, new rules, new new new.  I awaken excited to go to work.

New beginnings are often difficult and cause that jittery, butterfly sensation in my stomach.  I realized I’m not the only person that had these based on my new management position.  My new staff probably is wondering who I am and what I’m all about.  That is why I called a quick meeting with all of us in a conference room to tell them what I expect….and what they can expect from me.

Friday evening I came home, got into my pajamas, got it very cool in the house, pulled my favorite quilt over my legs and lay on the sofa and watched a movie.  I realized life doesn’t get better.

I met with a close friend for lunch yesterday at Phill’s Diner….and thought, life is really good.  Because it’s the simple things that make it so.

Lunch with friends, good wine, good books, good movies to pop into the DVD player, old quilts, snuggly dogs, no makeup, old tennis shoes, my recipe books….these things are important to me.

Love….love is important and love is good.  Now I focus more on the giving than the receiving.

Serenity and peace, friendship, kindness and love.  These are my focus.  Life is indeed good.




5 thoughts on “Life IS Good

  1. Good leadership move on calling that meeting last week. Knowing what’s expected had to be exactly what those folks needed to ease the anxiety of having a new boss. Your employer hired the right person, for sure.

  2. Thank you Kirk. I love you very much too. Your support is so valuable to me….you know just the right few words to make me feel very good.

  3. It’s been a long while since I checked in… Yeah, the posts were arriving fast and furious from every part of the world till I had 3500 and I’ve been slowly digging myself out. What I’ve been doing lately to catch-up is liking all the posts in my folder, commenting on a few and starting afresh… TY for your patience. 🙂

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