Today as I sit here in my shorts and Nike t-shirt, no makeup on, hair is disarray, and barefooted, I feel very pleased with the recent choices I have made.

My job is hectic and busy and I love it.  I am so happy I made the switch from consulting to production.  I am contributing daily and that I love.  I feel alive again in my profession.

My friends are precious to me and though I haven’t had a great deal of time lately to spend with anyone, I do try to communicate in some manner with them.

Seated next to J last Thursday, popcorn buckets between us, watching Casablanca, I thought how great it is to have such a good friend that I can share the little things with that I enjoy tremendously.  Thank J for such a great night.  I loved it.

My family is wonderful and again, the love I have for them, especially E and C for being five and three and running to their Auntie TC for hugs and kisses each time they see me, or each time I leave.

I find pleasure in the simple things like riding my new bicycle.  Yesterday after an intense workout at my gym and errands, I jumped on my new bike, strapped on my rather cool helmet and peddled to the street I group up on and started at the top of the hill and rode down.  I considered taking my hands off the bars like I did when I was 10, but then decided not to.  The thrill of riding down that hill again made me laugh.  

The one thing I do know now is that I can start over and that live begins today, each day.

Now it’s time for brushing my teeth, doing something with my hair, and getting outside.

Oh, another thing I’m pleased with is that I have grown two types of oregano, curry, and broccoli.

It’s the little things.




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