Mother’s Day

Sometimes I become angry at my Mother.

The reason is that she left me too soon.  I was too young.  I know that sounds selfish and it is but on days like today, her birthday, my birthday, Thanksgiving, I wish she were here.

She’s been gone eight years.

Her mother lived to by in her 90’s….my Dad’s mother lived to be in her late 80’s and I always thought that would be the way of my parents.

Today is Mother’s Day and I miss her so much.  When I made strawberry shortcake I thought of her and how much Mother’s Day and homemade strawberry shortcake are synonymous with Ellen.

It was a lovely day with family and playing volleyball.  I still have the serve….I don’t really have the sideway quick motion since the knee surgery.  But I had fun and really enjoyed showing Evie how to correctly bump a ball.

I made the comment that we have all had wonderful grandparents….all four generations of the girls have had amazing grandparents.

So I’m not really too angry with Mom as her dying wasn’t really her fault.  I understand, Mom.  I felt you with us today….and the happiness, and love, and compassion you have taught us has remained in the center of our lives.  Your girls are good, your grandchildren are amazing, and your great grandchildren are incredible.  I know you watch over them…..of that I have no doubt.




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