Thank You

I’ve made a lot of bone-headed moves in my lifetime….I especially had issues in my mid to late thirties.  I finally started getting my shit together in my forties and now I’m finally, totally enjoying my life and comfortable with myself.  Well, almost.  I had to realize that I’m not in my twenties any longer and must keep physically active in order to stay healthy and to get and stay in shape.   But what I really am eluding to is my mental & emotional & spiritual health.  I’m happy and getting happier. 

I’ve learned to just be myself….and hope and pray for guidance and truth.  I’ve worked very, very hard to be a better woman and it’s taken serious effort.

Today I offered up a big-slap-you-on-the-back THANK YOU to all the powers upstairs and around me.  I let out a great sigh because some of my efforts are paying off especially with someone who means the world to me.

I love my family and friends beyond measure but there is one person, has always been one person that has held a place in my heart.

I haven’t always been easy and I’ve made mistakes that I’m sorry for but the thread of love & friendship has always been between us.

For you and our incredibly complicated friendship, I am thankful. 

Always have, always will. 



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