Do It For Me

I don’t ask much from anyone actually….I don’t demand many things from my family or friends….in fact nothing at all.  I expect kindness and respect but that is a “given”.  I give what I expect from others.  You know this.

But I decided to write this blog today specifically to ask you to stop.  Please stop.  Please stop smoking. 

I honestly cannot watch you do this thing….to yourself….and to Hope….and to everyone who loves you.  Me.  I love you. 

It isn’t necessarily the COPD or the Lung Cancer that makes your life brutal to live….it’s all the treatments and medicines you have to take just to keep breathing.

It’s the high steroid usage that allows you to get some air in or out….but it destroys your skin.  It literally peels away from your body if scraped or touched in a normal manner.  It’s the deep purple color your skin turns when just touched. 

The steroids eventually cause you to lose all the muscle in your hips, butt, and legs so that you’re in a wheelchair just to get around.  It’s the way the medicines make your stomach and bowels have a mind of their own…and because your legs are shot you often don’t make it to the bathroom….and you’re too sick to clean yourself up….you have to wait sometimes in the floor because your fell until someone comes home or finds you or races to your house after an urgent phone call.  It’s the horrible feeling when that person tries to lift your 220 lb body swollen from steroids and she tears your skin and your cry out. 

It’s the way your body retains water….and the high amount of Lasix that you have to take….that would kill a healthy person….it keeps the fluids from filling your lungs. 

It’s all the breathing treatments you have to take four times a day or more just to give you about 30 minutes of semi-functional breathing.

It’s the end….the end when you suffocate.  Oh, you probably won’t be aware because you will be completely doped up on Morphine that you are now breathing in your oxygen mask because you must stay in a constant state of oblivion because you are suffocating to death while your family watches…..and tries to ease your discomfort because watching someone die that way is HORRIBLE.

Please do this one thing for me…I will help you in anyway I can….

Yes it’s ugly.  I watched my father suffer and die.  I saw my favorite family members die from affects of smoking.  My uncles, my aunt, my cousin. Please.   


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