I’m not so sure dying my eyebrows while drinking champagne is a good idea

I have the whitest eyebrows known to man…every summer they bleach out to nothing.  The remedy is to dye them a lovely brown color so I don’t look like I’m going through chemo.

Tonight, while drinking champagne, I decided it’s time to dye.  Well, now I look like Groucho Marx and Mommy Dearest had a love child.  I’m thinking it will wash down to a normal color eventually.

Lesson learned….don’t do anything other than dance when drinking bottles of champagne.  Or other more personal activities.

I had a wonderful Saturday brunch with my good friend J today....we are making it a habit and I love my time with him.  He makes me happy…and I feel more and more like I can tell him anything…no matter how deep and dark and he would listen and understand.  It’s just that I don’t really have too much that is deep and dark. 

But I am grateful, thankful, and blessed to have J in my life and in my corner.  Plus, he still gives the best hugs.

My room is reserved on Dec. 27 and Dec 28 to spend my birthday in New Orleans at the Ritz Carlton….with the cruise to the Caribbean departing the afternoon of Dec 29th.  I am stoked…excited…and looking forward to my first real vacation in years.  The beauty of getting older is that I have more money to spend on rooms at the Ritz Carlton and cruises.  Plus I’m pretty sure that I’m winning the Powerball Lottery tonight of $110 million.  I can do a lot of cruising on that kind of cash.

It sounds heavenly to be on a cruise for the New Year and it will be warm….and hopefully I will be with someone I love or at the very least, like a lot.



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