Amazing Pat

My Godmother and cousin Pat is an amazing woman.  She is beautiful, was gorgeous, in a Elizabeth Taylor way.  She has the light eyes and dark hair and pale skin.  She is smart, wickedly funny, well-read, and a blue dog Democrat….which is rather funny as her husband and my Godfather, Bill, is a conservative Republican.  They have been married over 55 years.

I thought of Pat today at Mass because she and I go to the same Parish and because we had lunch yesterday.  A vision flashed into my head as I was praying this morning; Pat sitting by my Mom’s bedside in Intensive Care holding her hand and softly talking to her, comforting her.

Pat is Irish through and through and not extremely physically affectionate so seeing her in such a situation, totally concentrating on my dying mother, her aunt, is terribly touching and brought a lump to my throat as I kneeled.

I also remember watching Pat holding Evie when she was just a tiny baby, and speaking softly to her, touching her little face with a perfectly manicured finger. 

Pat is a pillar of strength to me.  We speak at least twice a week and we lunch a couple of times a month on Saturday after she has gotten her hair done.

I don’t know that I’ve ever told her I love her, she told me, right before I had my hysterectomy…as I was being wheeled out of the holding room.  She was there when they wheeled me out of the recovery room and I remember in my drugged haze that she, my niece, and my sister were at my bed as they took me to a room.  It was my sister and Pat that told me the surgery was more invasive and detailed than originally thought, but that I was fine.  Somehow when Pat is involved in it, it seems real, and I’m content because she is honest and she is direct and doesn’t sugar coat things but knows how to say the right thing.

She and I are a great deal alike….and she is my second mother…although she is my cousin.  Her mother and my mother were sisters and separated in age by 18 years.  In fact, my mother used to tell Pat that if she hadn’t given birth to me she would swear I belonged to Pat.

It is a wonderful thing to have such amazing women in a family….we come from a long line of smart, kind, independent females.  I am blessed. 



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