september 3

tomorrow is my mother’s birthday.

The beginning of September is always troublesome as my father died on Sept 9…so for the next week I will be reminded of them more than usual.

I’ve written of my Mom often and I think of her everyday . 

Today I was thinking of her nails….she had long tapered amazing nails on long thin fingers.  When I was a kid, I used to lay with my head in her lap as she sat on this incredibly long white and gold sofa that took up the entire east wall of the living room.  I would doze off with her running her finger nails up and down the inside of my arm, from wrist to elbow.  Or she would run her fingers through my long blonde hair.  It’s a funny thing to think of today…but it’s one of the many personal things that makes up a relationship between a mother and daughter.

I wrote my mothers eulogy and recited it twice, once at the rosary, and again at the funeral Mass.  I made it through the funeral version without a hitch…however at the Rosary, my voice caught, and my eyes filled and I didn’t think I would make it until I looked up and saw MaryAnn Vanveen and Cece Connolly smiling and MaryAnn mouthing the words, “you can do it”.

I could write many things about Mom….about her family and her love for her family.  For her laugh and the way she would sit on the phone for an hour talking to her friends….or the way that she knew the only man I’ve ever truly loved with all my heart.  I remember watching her swing dance at my niece’s wedding reception.

My mother was a dancer….that was what she loved only second to her family.  My mother gave me many gifts….and for those, I am amazingly thankful.Happy birthday Mom.




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