He Will Never Know

…what he meant to me.

After a self-imposed period of no dating, no relationships, no physical activity….after a devastating fire, unplanned surgery, and anxiety attacks a man came into my life.  He was smart, and kind, and passionate and fun.

He was perfectly imperfect…with doubts and demons of his own….but so fun, and so attractive.  We met, then we had a period of adjustment, then we came together is such a finely sweet passionate relationship that it will always remain a special time in my life.

The first time we kissed, after lunching on Chinese food, I didn’t think I could pull myself away.  It was as if all of that pent-up passion and restraint was given to him in that kiss….kisses.  I had to pull myself away finally and drive home or I would have stayed.  I wasn’t ready to stay.

Soon I was ready for him to stay and he did….and that first time after so long was amazing.  I won’t forget the kindness and gentleness and passion.

We became very close friends…and he remains in my heart.   He was the first person to fetch me after knee surgery and take me to lunch.

Our lives went different ways…but that brief time between us was one of the best.

You are always in my heart K….you are always in my thoughts.  I wish only the best, happiest, most wonderful life for you…and though the path you chose troubled me….I want you to be successful.  I will always check in on you to make sure you are in a good place.

But always know, you are loved by me…no matter what, no matter when.  What we shared cannot be taken from us….and I cannot thank you enough for being the man who you were to me…and are, still.



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