I just thought this so lovely

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ImageWe could all hear the call and when she hung up,  there was an awkwardness that seem to just hang in the Monday morning office air

She tried to hold back the tear as she looked out her  window,

I could see her from my cube…she tried to work, but again the thought came to her  and she stared out again.  I was tempted to ask, but I did not know her well.  After a few minutes, a young man came up and put his hand on her shoulder.  “I thought he was… I thought he meant something,” She said quietly.

“I am so sorry, “ her young friend replied.  “I understand.”

She glanced up with a look of gratitude, and a hint of slight annoyance.  “Can I get you some tea,” her friend replied quietly.   “Oh that would be…” the tears interrupted her and her answer went into a nod.  He started to walk away and…

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