Eagles and Turtles

I’ve been receiving lovely live gifts from my dogs recently….turtle number two arrived in my living room apparently shortly before I heard the “thump” on the hard wood floor where Marty had dropped the turtle.  I got up from my dressing table and found the turtle on the dining room rug in his shell.  I picked him up, put him in the sink until I could get dressed and then delivered him to my front flower bed where I hope he will be happy and healthy and not dragged into the house by a dog.  This Saturday I was futzing out in the front garden and saw Mr. Turtle #2 slowly making his way from one flower bed to the next.  It made me happy that he was still around….and I noticed turtle #3, a bit younger and smaller also hanging out.  Turtle #1 was sent to the Wildlife Veterinarian by me to fix his broken shell and I haven’t had the nerve to call and see if he made it.  In my mind the Vet fixed him and he is in rehab.

Yesterday while driving home from Claremore to Tulsa, just before I went across the Navigation Channel, a huge bird came off of a tree and swooped down.  For an instant I thought “that is a huge hawk” but it was, in fact, a bald eagle.  A bald eagle in all of his or her glory so close to my car that I thought it was going to hit my hood of my car.  He or she was in a dive to go across four lanes of interstate to nab something.  It was amazing.  All I could say was “it’s a bald eagle, it’s a bald eagle!”  I’ve never seen an eagle that close or around Tulsa before.  They are awe-inspiring, amazing, huge, and powerful.

I asked my sister what was up with me and the animals lately and she had the perfect statement, “those moments are what are really important, not the other stuff…but those moments.”  She was so right.  Seeing something so perfect and powerful as a bald eagle in flight six feet from me, or watching a turtle inhabit my gardens makes me very happy.  Simple, easy, perfect.



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