The hardest of all

Telling someone you love them is easy to do if you mean it and if you’re willing to back those words with action.

I became a rape advocate In 1988.

I took training, I accompanied advocates to the hospital, I trained on the crisis line, and went to trials before I was ready to start as an advocate on my own.

I did this because I had a couple of friends raped and I witnessed a gang rape at a party in college and carried that guilt for a long time.

I couldn’t help all of them, but through my actions I could help others.

First, there is no shame. It isn’t your fault. It isn’t sex. It is a crime. Period.

It’s a 90% chance it isn’t the first time the rapist has done it, and a 100% probability the rapist will do it again.

Date rape is the most prevalent. 8 out of 10 reported rapes are date rape.

And date rapes are the most difficult to deal with because its so difficult to fight. But fight it WE must.

Rape is evil. It is a crime. No means no. It takes a mental toll much more difficult to deal with if its pushed down and not acted upon. Get help, talk to therapists that specialize in sexual assault. Call the rape line….tell someone, cry, scream, and never lock it up. There is no shame.

I send this out to someone I love who is dealing with this in their life now. I’m here. I will listen, I will be strong when you can’t.


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