I love scarves

I love beautiful scarves. I think that comes from my Mother, my cousin & Godmother Pat, Audrey Hepburn, and Liz Taylor.  PurpleScarves-001It may seem rather mundane to write about it, but as I bought two today, one from remnants of Saris, the other tie-dyed and awesome from the Peace of Mind Store, I realized that many things are passed down to us by our family.  The women and men in my family were and are equally strong and independent in different ways, and all have left their mark on me. 

I suppose I equate the chiffon scarf with class and beauty and a lady-likeness.  All of the women I mentioned above had it, especially the two related to me.

This is a simple post, nothing earth shattering and possibly not worth reading for others.  But I like how live binds us together.  I like how something as simple as a scarf can remind me of times with women I love.  I love the memory of opening up the lingerie drawer where my mother kept her scarves and smelling her perfume.  Those thoughts are sweet and simple.  Right now all I really need is sweet and simple. 



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