Someone will never understand


When you love, when you are together, or apart, but connected, you are each other’s strength.  But you can only be strong for someone if they want it…need and want, two different things entirely.

When someone hurts, when their life is unstable, my job is to stabilize, be the support, be the rock, because everyone needs it at sometime.  Someone cannot do it alone.  That is what love is about.  It’s not the romance, it’s not the passion, it’s being there when the going is rough and the other  is hurting and off of his game.  It is to stand up together to show the world that what we have cannot be crumbled   Sadly you cannot make someone understand….they distance themselves and thus divorce themselves from all the love and support that really is needed to sustain. 

When this happened, it broke my heart. 

To think of someone alone and hurting, alone and struggling, alone and distant and cold makes me hurt for them.  But instead of pushing and pushing and trying so very hard to communicate….I gave up.  I prayed very hard for strength and light to be poured down unto someone.  I focused very hard on pouring my strength into the universe to surround someone.

I cannot make someone do what they will not do….and I’m tired of being alone.  I want to be loved and wanted.  Too tired of wanting to be loved.

I just let it go. 


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