A classy bitch

I’m not sure what is going on with me….some sort of vibe maybe.  I’ve had a few men ask me what I’ve done to myself….short of hitting the gym again….and pulling out some clothes that were in the closet in the guest room, I don’t think I’ve really done anything.  One friend who I shall call “Mo” told me last week that if I weren’t his sister from another mother he would have hit on me based on the suit I was wearing to present to the Houston muckity-mucks.  

Then today the lady in the mail room commented on my hair, saying she likes it so much better blonde than when I was a red-head.  Then she followed up with “you’re such an attractive woman.”  Wow, that was really nice and made my day.  It’s the little stuff, really.  

I sent an apology to four men that I had a meeting with on Monday and felt my comments were pretentious.  I hadn’t intended the words to come out that way.  I was having brunch with a dear friend, James, at Philbrook Museum on Sunday and a man came up to me, startled me, and said the name of our company.  My comment to the gentlemen in the meeting was ” I was really surprised to see anyone from “XYZ” at Philbrook at which point they all laughed and said that I was being a snob and gave me good-natured grief.  I sent each one an apology telling then I was sorry that I hadn’t meant to sound like a snob.  That is when one of the men, whom I respect greatly, said, “Come on, your a classy bitch….it’s not the first time you’ve heard that, it won’t be the last.”  

It was such an out-of-the-blue, unexpected response.  And it made me feel really good.  The bitch part aside….which I get that meaning…..but the classy part.  That to me is a great compliment….one my mother would be very proud of.  It is indeed the little things.  My Mom and Dad raised a classy bitch!


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