Sometimes you cannot forget

When I was in high school I was in that group of girls that was liked by everyone.  We were all just girls, intelligent, attractive enough, athletic, and fun.  So we intermingled among groups that wouldn’t normally mingle with each other.  My life in high school was great  until something happened my Senior year that hurt me.

When I was a Junior I met a college football player and that summer & fall, when he returned for football, I went out with him exactly four times.  He was a Senior in college when I was a Senior in High School. 

I didn’t tell my parent’s that I was going out with him because they would have disapproved strongly.  I would tell them I was going out with friends and then I would meet him.

I made the mistake, I suppose, of telling a couple of my friends and those friends told a couple of guys at school and before I new it, all the football team and baseball team knew.

And one guy specifically, made my life hell.  He was the quarterback on our team I think, I really cannot remember.  He, quite honestly, thought he was all that and more.  He was short.  Hey, it’s true….he was maybe, maybe 5’7″….and he couldn’t fathom that a college football player, who was tall and smart and athletic would go out with me. 

Let’s call him Bill.  Bill started telling everyone I was lying.  It didn’t matter that two of my closest friends had met they guy out with me.  It didn’t matter.

Throughout the year Bill would try to make my life miserable.  My girlfriends and some very good guy friends had my back, but Bill did some major damage to my emotional well-being and how I saw myself. 

So at 5’11” I was a “giant” and an “amazon”….and apparently just too hideous for an attractive guy to go out with.

It took me some time to fix that in my head….I started realizing my freshman year in college that college guys liked me a lot because tall was cool….tall with a good figure was even better. 

I think back on Bill….who only played three seasons in minor league ball while his younger brother played in the majors.  At the time, it made me feel good. 

Now, I just think back on his small little mind and hope that if he had girls that he has raised them better than he treated them. 



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