Life Changing Choices

Last week I made two life-changing choices.  They were the kind of decisions that require weeks of pondering.  They are choices that I had to make completely on my own with no-one involved until after the deeds were done.

Wednesday night when I walked out to my car after the largest and most life-changing choice was made, I sat in the driver’s seat and let out a huge breath of air.  Now to move on, forward, no looking back.

The lesser of the two is one that have been years in the making….and finally, finally, I made the choice to cut the cord.  You cannot change crazy, no matter how hard you try.

The greater decision is completely self-centered but through the selfishness the benefit to me will benefit others in the long run.

Once made I am full-steam ahead.  I am “on a mission from God” to quote The Blues Brothers.  

It is time to start living my life to the fullest.  It is time to start looking at the rest of my life and see health, happiness, and a changed life.Decision QuotesThe next few months should be pretty interesting for me


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