Buddha, The Old Testament, Christ, Mary and Me

ImageSelf discovery goes on like the marking of time.  You would think by the time you reach 50 that all the discovery is gone…not so my friends.  Lately I have become a much more practicing spiritualist.  I am far from pious but I rely upon prayer, reading, and meditation to ease my troubled mind and lower my stress.  Perhaps that is what it has always been used for and mixing it up across different spiritual boundaries helps me draw it all together.

Tonight I go for my hour of adoration at the Chapel of Peace and I’m taking two books; one by the Dalai Lama and one entitled “Understanding Judaism “.  It occurred to this good Catholic girl that I have never read the Torah or the Talmud and I should.  I have never understood those that condemn a belief without studying it.   Trust me, I’m not planning on condemning Buddhism or Judaism…I am just incorporating lessons into my life to make me stronger.20131010_174529


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