Buddha, The Old Testament, Christ, Mary and Me

Self discovery goes on like the marking of time.  You would think by the time you reach 50 that all the discovery is gone…not so my friends.  Lately I have become a much more practicing spiritualist.  I am far from pious but I rely upon prayer, reading, and meditation to ease my troubled mind and […]

I Need Your Hug

the power that is shared by a hug, a touch, is amazing.  It can make you feel love, safety, warmth. compassion, and a spiritual connection.   Hugs have a healing power.  A hug that communicated trust, love, compassion and support.  A hug that had your arms enveloped around another so warmly you could feel the […]

To Whom It Does Concern

Everything about our friendship is special to me.  Your happiness is important to me….it is how I am constructed.  It is disheartening to me when my friends are sad.  I cannot fix you, but I can care; I do care. What I said today to you was meant not as a joke.  I was completely […]

So Much Better Now

I am so pleased with my major decisions and though they might seem rather self-centered….they are.  It is the only way to become and stay mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy. You are gone. You are back. You know who you are and how those apply. You are gone because it is done, over.  I said […]

This Old Heart of Mine

Been broke a thousand times….well not a thousand, but a few.  It is amazing how many shapes and forms a heart can take and how much it can hold.  When given freely it is a incredible gift; a precious gift.   Maybe it’s a mistake or a blessing that I tell people now that I […]