There is Nothing As Pleasing As A Kind Person

I dedicate this blog to three friends.  But the blog I read earlier today from James made me write.  It touched me to the bone.

Do you know how experiencing someone else being kind to another makes you proud to know them?  James, the story of your in-flight kindness and compassion filled me with new found respect and admiration and pride.

I have told you before that you are a wonderful man.  You truly are.  Your journey has been, at times, a rough one, but you are emerging from the darkness of your earlier life experiences a true honorable and love-filled person.

Your simple gestures, your kind words of encouragement, your friendship to me are signs of a man that demands respect.

Yesterday, I worked out with a good friend.  He didn’t have to work out with me because he has his own routine.  But yesterday afternoon we met up, we worked out, and then enjoyed each other’s company sitting outside.  It was good.  Thank you Kirk for doing that with me.

My final shout-out goes to a friend of mine who has been a major-league supporter of me and my life for sixteen years.  She is a wonderful, beautiful, kind, and amazingly talented woman who has been there for me any time I needed her.  To you, Reg, I thank and bless your little cotton-picking heart.

All three of these people are kind.  It is so simple to be kind; doesn’t take much energy, but shows a depth of spirit.  It also makes those of us on the receiving end view the world as just a bit better place to exist.

Thank you.  I love and appreciate your kindness in my life.  And I am proud to call you friends.



One thought on “There is Nothing As Pleasing As A Kind Person

  1. I am touched almost beyond words. I am just trying to live life as a simpler man than I have before… one focused more on what matters most: people and love of others, Thank you for believing in me and noticing what I hope people see in me. I am grateful for you. James

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